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Social Positivism

"uniting the right in faith"

Mission Overview

Social Positivist is an association of owners and patriots. The objective or mission of the Social Positivists is to build the church as the central institution of humankind.

Social Positivists believe our constitution speaks of only one universal or catholic church. The truth is one. Social Positivists is ecumenical in that Positivists believe in the unity of all believers. We of necessity believe in the natural antipathy of believers with the modern version of Babylon, which is secularism and more precisely, liberalism.

Babylon is a concept that signifies ungodliness but also complexity as a synonym for unreasonable costs. Babylon is an illustration of waste and greed.

The unification of the churches cannot happen ecclesiastically, that is through a unity of governance. It is the ecclesiastical structure of the churches that has led to division.

The polity is a constitutional theocracy. The Constitution dictates that higher orders have no authority than what the lower levels supply. Even to God Himself. If we refrain from being willing advocates of His suzerainty He refrains from ruling over us, and we are given over to our reprobate minds, much to our own discomfort and loss.

The church ought never to have permitted Constantine to organize it nor permit secular authority to override the Constitution and substitute manmade laws and statutes for the Truths of God. Too often the struggle has been between worldly authorities rather than right and wrong. The war is between the church and Babylon, between those loyal to the Constitution and liberalism.

Social Positivists fight for the repeal of all laws and statutes not in accordance with the Constitution and the supremacy of the Constitution of God.

Truth must prevail.