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Social Positivism

"uniting the right in faith"

Measuring Progress

Social Positives believe the methods of science must be applied to the determination of progress. Progress must be defined and measured in an objective and verifiable manner. A generalized estimation of the world’s total economic activity does not produce objective or reliable data. Indeed, the use of the GNP as a measure of progress has tended to reward the monomaniacal accumulation of property in fewer and fewer hands. This is not a positive result by any scientifically verifiable standard.

Social Positivists argue for science-based metrics; that is science-based solutions to mankind’s social problems. The Positive Earth Index (PEI) accurately measures the positive contributions made to the earths value.

The PEI is composed of a myriad number of individual contributions which need not only to be accounted for but positively reinforced with proper compensation.  The Social Positivists address the issue of Positive Renumeration in the PEI.

Social Positivists argue for a science-based solution to our global problems.

The positive contributions of all people need to be given a positive reward. The Social Positives believe this is logically irrefutable. 

Please join Social Positivists in promoting a science-based solution to our social and environmental problems.