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Social Positivism

"uniting the right in faith"

the Five fundamentals of ecumenics

The church is a coherent proof of God.

A proof of God is coherent.

Proof is all one piece.

Proofs contain no inconsistencies or contradictions within the body of the proof.

 If there are contradictions and inconsistencies the solution is not valid.

Contradictions and inconsistencies are the product of Satan.


The Church is formed of two strands.

The bible calls these two strands or components faith and works. Secular society refers to them as science and religion. Science seeks verifiable truth and faith seeks those things that can be trusted. What can be best verified is that which can be trusted and that which is trusted most is that which is open to being verified to the highest degree.


Church produces Three Kinds Of Fruit.

The three fruits are.

  • political
  • economic
  • ecclesiastical.

The three fruits are three paths to proving God exists.

There are Four Pillars Of Truth:

 Each pillar supports God's Truth in some way.

  • Positive Ownership
  • Positive Markets
  • Positive Democracy
  • Positive Funding

The Church is beset by Five Great Errors.

 Each errors erode the Truth of God and erodes faith.

 These errors are:

  • The state as a prescriptive agent.
  • Assets as a currency.
  • Double Entry Bookkeeping as a way to keep accounts.
  • Private Ownership as a valid form of ownership.
  • Law as a source of order and justice.​